Kings Cross Hotel Rooftop

244–248 William St, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia
Mon - Thu
10am - 5pm

Located in Potts Point opposite the iconic Coca Cola sign sits King Cross Hotel’s Garden Rooftop. People are dotted around the space; some remain nestled in the shade on low teal couches with their laptops, others stand outside, chatting with coworkers while basking in the sunlight and vibrancy of the neighborhood below.

Natural light and freshness permeate the space both on the sunniest and cloudiest of days as the scent of exotic pot plants, sumptuous food and fresh coffee lingers. 


  • Range of meeting spaces including couches and high tables
  • 2 minute walk away from Kings Cross Station
  • Indoor and outdoor seating and heating
  • Variety of seating: standing desks, stools, communal desks and couches
  • Opposite Fitness First Kings Cross
  • Open kitchen with diverse menu offerings
  • Daily happy hour with nightly specials

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