42 Market Pl, Manly NSW 2095, Australia
Thu - Sun
9am - 5pm

Check into the TwoSpace exclusive wifi when in the space and have Cured team members make you feel welcome.

Cured has brought a new restaurant concept to Manly beach. Some might say its a little more New York than Manly in appearance but the laid back elegance of the space makes it the perfect venue for a casual brunch, lunch or dinner.

Cured is a shared space with restaurant customers but is TwoSpace friendly and set up for members. If you wanted a TwoSpace co-working only space in Manly check out Havana Beach Manly!

Power outlets
Outdoor seating
Barista coffee
TwoSpace exclusive wifi
Natural lighting & fresh air
Happy hour drinks
Close to the Beach
Food & Drink
TwoSpace Roaming Hosts pop in and out of this space to help

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