TwoSpace FAQs


What is TwoSpace?

TwoSpace transforms restaurants, cafes and hotels into a network of flexible co-working spaces where you can work, meet, play.

How is TwoSpace so affordable?

TwoSpace embraces the sharing economy and works with the restaurants and hotels in a partnership to transform them into co-working friendly spaces. Therefore without having to lease the space for co-working we can provide you the most affordable offer out there. You’re not the only ones getting a good deal here though, the spaces themselves love the foot traffic, activation, brand awareness to new customers and also your support purchasing and food or drinks while your there (or when you come back for dinner!)

Can I use any TwoSpace location or can I only use one?

You can use any of our spaces, even ones in different cities and countries!

What’s the difference between your membership options?

We have a few options based of usage to help provide the best membership for you e.g. we have an option for people who only need to use TwoSpace once a week because they also work from home or have a desk elsewhere. We also have an unlimited membership option so you can use it as much as you want since we also have spaces open over the weekends.

Can I cancel my TwoSpace membership at any time, (not that I would)

Yes you can, we believe in flexibility so just let us know and we can freeze or cancel your membership. There are no lock-ins with us, everything is month to month when dealing with memberships.

Why TwoSpace when I can work from a café/home?

When you are a TwoSpace member the staff running the restaurant or hotel that we partner with will warmly welcome you. No more feeling out of place and the need to order 10 coffees to justify your bum on that seat!


We are also more than a network of cool spaces to work from, we have a community of flexible workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs that you will get to connect with. Hand in hand with this are a tonne of social gathering and also professional development events that we host and co-host with partners just for you (see some videos of past events).


Don’t forget we provide a bunch of useful member perks to help not only your health but also your businesses success. Think anything from yoga classes to free web service credits and business support with Amazon Web Services.


How do I book trial with TwoSpace?

That’s easy just either do it on our home page and click BOOK YOUR FREE WEEK or you can book it directly from the Spaces when you click into them to learn more. Then just pick the date that you wanted to trial with us and turn up to the Space you picked on that day! You should receive a text message and confirmation email from us to help you get started so keep an eye out for those.

How do I start my trial with TwoSpace?

Your trial (one free week, 7 days) starts with us once to walk into the Space that your booked for and check into our TwoSpace exclusive Wi-Fi. This will trigger an email sent to your email that has your "How to TwoSpace" package inside.

I can’t make my trial day - can I re-book?

Absolutely! Just jump back on our website and re-book for another day. No worries if you couldn’t make it, we understand you’re busy and need a bit of flexibility in your life… which is why we are perfect for you! We are the flexible space you have been looking for all this time.

What happens if I don’t see a TwoSpace Host?

That’s ok, just pull up a chair and make yourself at home. When you check into the TwoSpace exclusive Wi-Fi you will receive your “How to TwoSpace” email to help set you up.

Some spaces do not have a full-time host present and instead TwoSpace hosts that pop-in and out to help, but don’t worry these spaces have the restaurant and/or hotel staff trained to welcome you and tell you about your exclusive member perks with them (F&B discounts, yoga on a rooftop?! Tell me more!)

How do I sign into the Wi-Fi?

Just sign-in into the Exclusive WiFi named "TwoSpace Access" or "TwoSpace _(venue name)" which will also trigger a "How to TwoSpace" email, that will give you all the info they need.

I didn’t get my "How to TwoSpace" email - where can I find it?

Check your spam! How annoying. If it is not in there then please email and we will make sure you receive everything you need to.


I love it! How do I become a TwoSpace Member?

Just jump into our pricing section on our website and choose which membership best suits you. Then once you become a member not only do you get to use all of our space but you also immediately unlock our member perks, so don’t forget to browse those!

We’re a team that wants to TwoSpace - do you have team membership options?

Yes we do! If you are a team of 4 or more just fill our team form here and we can work something out just for you. This can be tailored depending on how many people are in your team, the frequency of use etc!

I’m a current member and I want to invite a friend to join, is there a TwoSpace referral Program?

Yes there is! If you are a member and you invite someone who joins us, your own account/subscription is credited the value of that new member’s subscription (this is up to one free month on your existing subscription).

My company/team has grown – can TwoSpace help us with our bigger team/needs?

We can and we do. We have partnerships with co-working and office spaces like Tank Stream Labs that can help with any other team needs. We can even get you a discount!

Can I freeze my TwoSpace Membership?

Yes you can, all you have to do is log into your TwoSpace account on our website and it gives you the option to manage your account. You can freeze your account if you are going on holidays and have it start up again once you return.

How do I cancel my TwoSpace membership?

Say it isn’t so! You can do this once logging into your account on the TwoSpace website.

Community and Events

Does TwoSpace have a Facebook and Slack Community?

We have both! We have a TwoSpace Members Facebook Group where you can post anything conversational, introduce yourself and even share your product. We also have a Slack community which you can request access to by emailing

How do I learn about TwoSpace events?

Great question! We keep all our events on our Facebook Calendar, this includes not just our events but also our community partner events to keep it colourful. Jump on our Facebook page here to have a look. We also share our events through our newsletters so make sure you subscribe to us if you haven’t! You can do this on our website.


If I have to step out for lunch/call/meeting, can I leave my stuff at a TwoSpace location?

We have almost all our members comfortable leaving items behind for a short period of time at our spaces. However make sure there is a TwoSpace host present and let them know if you do. Or let the restaurant/hotel staff, whom are trained to help take care of TwoSpacers, that you are leaving some of your things behind. They will do their best to look after them but know you leave them unattended at your own risk (we do not take responsibility for any lost or stolen goods).

Comforts and Conveniences

Do you offer meeting rooms?

Our spaces are unique and great for off-site team meetings and events. We can book you a cosy meeting area for small teams or book you an entire floor/space for larger and more sensitive all day team workshops. Your team are guaranteed to enjoy the change of scenery, and get inspired working from our network of spaces, think a garden city rooftop or spaces near the beach! We have hosted off-site team meetings and all day workshops at our spaces for companies such as BuzzFeed, General Assembly, Safety Culture and Atlassian. Apply for a booking here.

Can I host an event in one of the venues?

You can host events at our spaces also. The best way to organise this is to email and describe what your are hoping to achieve and we can help sort you out. We can even help suggest spaces and also provide an affordable option to suit your budget.

Can I print/copy at TwoSpace locations?

Some of our TwoSpace locations will have printers however as you can appreciate most of them are in beautiful hospitality venues and do not. Make sure to check the Icons in the more info web pages that detail each space to see what is available; some might have a printer icon! Our partner spaces such as Tank Stream Labs that you have limited access to as a member do have such facilities, which you can also use when you book a hot desk through us.

Can I bring and eat my own food at a TwoSpace location?

You can bring your own food at some of our spaces. These include the ones that we completely take over and are closed to the public, think your Kings Cross Hotel Rooftop and Havana Beach Manly. However spaces that we share in hotels or restaurants we ask that you do not eat your own food inside the space. You can order their food using your exclusive  TwoSpace members discount (up to 30%) or bring your food and have a lunch break or picnic outside! (This is what we do at Storehouse right next to Rushcutters Bay Park sometimes!)

Are any TwoSpace locations Dog Friendly?

Yes keep an eye out for our dog friendly icons when looking at the spaces that we offer. Rocker Café in Bondi and also Storehouse Rushcutters Bay are both dog friendly. They even have a Dogustation menu!

Am I allowed to bring guests to TwoSpace?

Yes please feel free to bring guests for a day of co-working or for a meeting. We want you to impress those clients! Just make sure they sign into the TwoSpace exclusive wifi and also keep an eye on how often you may bring the same person, if they are visiting as frequently as a member then its time to get them to join TwoSpace!


How can I apply to become a TwoSpace Venue?

Show of your stunning space to our members, who want nothing more than to work in your space, and support local businesses. We'll fill your venue with a range of entrepreneurial individuals who are incentivised to buy food and drinks and stay for dinner. You will have new foot traffic and marketing channels to deal with and be the talk of the town! Reach out to us here if you are interested for us to partner with your space.


How can I apply to become a TwoSpace Host?

Do you love working from one of our spaces more than the rest? Make it yours! Become a Community Manager, and inspire people with your friendliness and drive as you welcome them into the community and chug along with your own work. We're always looking for more hosts so reach out to find out more about how you can supercharge your network and gain a share in membership revenue all while working on your own business idea!

Have a question that isn’t covered in the above? Flick us an email ( ) and we’ll get back to you shortly.